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The Full Story


Hello! We are Dylan and TK.  We have traveled the world in search of the perfect spot to set up our project and to call home.  And now here we are in beautiful Umbria. Curious what the weather's like? Check out this link. We love it!

Get to know us

We had been living in Amsterdam for the past 14 years, working hard and making every decision with our head  Instead of doing what felt right, we did what we thought was best. This wasn’t sustainable, and it was clear we needed to make some drastic changes. So we decided to follow our hearts and feel from the gut. Of course, we did check with our brain from time to time to see if we weren’t doing anything really stupid  Our hearts and minds being in solid agreement, this is where we have wound up!



We are located in between the beautiful towns of Amelia and Narni.  Just one hour North East of Rome, smack in the middle of Italy!  Our house has rooms to rent with access to private bathroom and kitchen, a workout studio, store, bar, pool, and a calisthenics area and we have three 7-meter rigs and one 4-meter rig for aerial acrobatics!  We also have started to grow food according to organic and permaculture principles, for ourselves and for our guests and have olive trees and an orchard.



We want to provide a space where people can come to relax while enjoying the local food, and culture, or work on themselves to improve physically and mentally. Or of course, all of the above  In addition to welcoming people from around the world, we also want to be a meeting point for the local community, while contributing to a sustainable, free and fair world. All this on one hectare of south-facing land, on a hill with an amazing view! 

Right now we are very busy organizing our new house and land, cleaning, painting, and many other things to get it set up to start our bed and breakfast, retreat space and permaculture garden! We have so many ideas that we can’t wait to experiment with.
And as always, we welcome anyone who wants to visit and help us with any of our projects. And definitely contact us if you’d want to host a workshop or retreat here!

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