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Holistic Healing Retreat:
Sound Healing, Movement and Coping Strategies

September 18th-23rd

Umbria Italy

The body and mind become disconnected through stress trauma illness and experiences

We will use sound, mediation, breath work, yoga, shadow work  to realign and connect our self together again


Give yourself the gift of returning to yourself!

A Stronger, more connected you!

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About the Practitioners

I am Robin Roberts, an expat American therapist residing in Amsterdam, previously living in the United States. I have a generalized psychology practice and work with individuals, families, children, couples and groups. I have a bachelors degree in psychology from University of Massachusetts and a masters degree in social work from University of Rhode Island. I am a licensed clinical social worker with more than two decades of experience.

Over the last decade, I have provided counseling and therapeutic services to various age groups for a variety of issues. Another form of therapy offered is Sound Healing. I have been certified in this type of treatment and the offerings include individual, couples and group sessions. This type of therapy can help reconnect mind and body and remove blockages of trapped stress and trauma we face in our lives.


Jewel  Mondros is an energetic consultant, intuitive guide, Reiki Master, meditation and yoga teacher, mystic, artist, and creator of The Ritual Soul Oracle Deck. Some of the modalities she uses in her work are channeling, energy work, rituals, astrology, tarot, reiki, human design, yoga, and more.

Her intention is always to hold a sacred space for your to go deep and connect with your own inner wisdom, guides, and energy so you can empower yourself to live your best life…Whatever that means for you and your soul! Her channeling resonates on a soul level and each session is unique to the individual and what their current energy and soul needs are.

Jewel went through her own healing crisis dealing with chronic eczema which was not able to be treated effectively by western medicine. She turned to alternative medicine where she found energy work, healing, and discovered her own intuitive healing gifts in the process.

What to Expect

During this retreat we'll use therapeutic tools such as body movement, sound healing, breath work, vocal expression and creativity to reconnect to ourselves. In life we become so busy and often forget to care, or due to trauma even choose not to care for ourselves. This retreat is geared to those who are ready to prioritize themselves again. Find new skills and comfort in this unique retreat in the beautiful Italian countryside!

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this retreat is suitable for everyone.


Private beds in shared accommodation - see accommodation page on website


€2000 excl.  VAT


Price includes:

All meals, classes, transportation to and from train station and group excursions, and including planned meals out

Additional costs:

Any souvenirs,  any additional snacks, drinks or gelato during excursions or spare time, flights to and from Italy, transport to local train station, and massages

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