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Aerials meets Burlesque
July 28th-Aug 4th

A meeting between the thrilling art of aerial acrobatics (silks and hoop) and the titillating world of burlesque! Get ready to embark on a transformative journey that will ignite your spirit, inspire your movement, and unleash your inner god/goddess.

Miguel Matias: Artist, Aerialist, Gender Performer, Masseur

Miguel Matias was born in Cascais, Portugal, in 1985. His stage experience starts at kindergarten with a children’s theater play and since then he's been developing his stage skills. 

In 2006 he completed a professional course in theater as an actor and in 2013 a BA in theater and performance arts. His debut as a professional actor takes place in 2007, taking part in several national and international theater and cinema productions in the following years. 

Alongside his theater career he developed an interest for the study of movement, mobility and body expression, exploring areas like contemporary dance and burlesque, but especially aerial acrobatics in the subjects of aerial silks and aerial hoop, becoming an instructor in 2015. 

Miguel Matias 2.jpg
Miguel Matias 1.jpg

In 2016 he found a new interest in gender performance, a matter that has been an important catalyst on his career, and in which he found the utmost medium to convene all of his passions, creating his ultimate alter-ego, Belle Dommage. 


More recently, as an addition to his skills and stemming from his love for the human body,  he studies massage therapy, specializing in Swedish/Relaxation and Deep Tissue/Sports massage, initiating his own practice in 2021. 

He's also a certified makeup artist and he creates most of the outfits and accessories for his performances.



Luísa Correia: Cabaret and Burlesque performer, Dancer, Psychologist

Luísa Correia is a multidisciplinary Portuguese artist and producer of Cabaret and Variety shows, standing out as a precursor of the Portuguese Neo-Burlesque movement. With training in Classical Ballet and Ballroom Dancing, she later extended her work to the areas of music, circus arts - Aerial Acrobatics - and Cabaret-Burlesque. 


She also has a Master Degree in Cognitive-Behavioral Psychology (2007-2012) which allowed her to develop her program of Dance therapy with chronical mental ill patients in the Hospital Júlio de Matos in Lisbon, Portugal. 


She starts her stage career as a freelancer performer in 2008, creating her alter-ego Louise L’ Amour under which she presents her Burlesque and Cabaret characters.  In 2018 she was a resident artist in one of the most renowned variety Theaters in Germany - Friedrichsbau Varieté - winning on the same year a prominent award in the Cabaret-Burlesque area - The World Burlesque Crown.

Luísa Correia 2.jpeg
Luísa Correia 1.jpeg

She is one of the founders of Grande Cabaret Lisboa, in which she is an active part of the artistic direction of the shows produced by the company, highlighting the annual show The Spectacular Cabaret Fest and the programming of regular shows in several venues in Portugal. 

She is also the mentor of the project Queens for Queens, a performative arts school in which she teaches  and shares both technical classes, such as floor bar, stretching for dancers and Showgirl fitness, and the art of Tease throughout workshops and masterclasses. 

In addition, she is responsible for the costume design of her own productions, both solo and collective, and of European artists in the Area of Variety Cabarets and Contemporary Dance. 




What to expect

In this retreat, we invite you to immerse yourself in the breathtaking world of Aerial Acrobatics (silks and hoop), in which gravity-defying moves and awe-inspiring tricks will unleash your strength and grace.  


But that's not all - we're taking it up a notch by combining the mesmerizing artistry of Burlesque. Explore the art of seduction, as you embark on a journey of self-expression, body positivity, and confidence.  


Under the skilled guidance of Miguel and Luísa, you will learn tricks and moves to master both the art of flying and the art of tease, and how to bring them together to create a mesmerizing and seductive aerial dance. 

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Burlesque and Aerials.png

Discover the joy of conquering new heights, defy your limits, and unlock a world of endless possibilities, where rhythmic movements, sensual expressions and creative freedom embrace all shapes, sizes, and genders. 


Our classes and group dynamics will take place at Oasi Sorgente, in the beautiful region of Umbria, Italy, surrounded by breathtaking natural landscapes, that will serve as a sanctuary for your mind, body and soul during this retreat. Let the serenity of these surroundings inspire you and learn some techniques that will energize and replenish you. 


Step out of your comfort zone, ignite your imagination, and indulge in an unforgettable journey of self-discovery and empowerment through the performative arts of Aerials and Burlesque! 


Register Here


This retreat is open to different levels of experience but requires an intermediate level of aerial training: you must be able to aerial invert, climb and footlocks from the air and hip keys.


single beds in shared room (see accommodation section on website for more information)


Number of participants:

Min. 6, max. 10.

Latest application: 30 June 2024



€1800 early bird until April 30th 2024

€2000 after that



50% deposit

Payment plans available upon request

Price includes:

All meals, classes, transportation to and from train station and group excursions, also including planned meals out

Additional costs:

Any souvenirs,  any additional snacks, drinks or gelato during excursions or spare time, flights to and from Italy, transport to local train station, and massages

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